Expangin Movement - Dance Photography

After two month full of photoshoots for clients around Europe we were planning a series of fashion & dance images in my studio. Suddenly, I receive an email to present a series of images that might be featured as the poster and cover image for the 33° Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid (Madrid biggest dance festival with dance companies and choreographer coming from everywhere).

At first I thought to dive into my dance images archive and to send some old images. Then the idea of creating some fresh and original work became stronger. And so with only couples of days left I put together a small team in my photography studio and we intepreted the title “Expanding Movement” in our way.


I usually go for one choesive look, but this time I wanted to break the habit and catch the opportunity that different interpretations of the title and different poster images and poster design could be presented. After three strong sets of images, I wanted to keep shooting. It felt like we could bring more chaos to the set. We added moving clothes, and Eva Escribano Olmo, our stylist and set designer, created a set that brought the images to the next level. The dancers, Mario and Yadira, were both really patient and pushed themslef really hard and give their best. As I followed their natural way of dancig I guided them by placing them and by giving them specific directions as I wanted to capture very dynamic and hypnotic dance images through lighting and composition. We had lot of fun creating these images.


These images were shot with a Sony a7rII with its beatiful 42.4 magapixel sensor and a great dyanmic range and smooth tones. I used only two lenses the 24-70mm 2.8 lens and 50mm f.1.4 prime lens. This was to capture a very natural and human way of seeing the image and the actions. I relied more on compositional choices and elements to guide the viewers eye.

I shot all images with a large soft modifier, a deep para, powered by a Profoto B1X, mixing it with small ambient light and fill light and modifing it a lot with V-Flats. I often just used one light, as we had to shoot different cover images and I wanted to give myself more time to work with the dancers.


Last but not least, with a very open announcement, as in this occasion, I could choose very different ways to interpret tthe image and it is about making desicions. I believe it is about making what it feels right and what the conditions suggest. In a any case create images that stand out!